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Pebble Pendants

These are one-of-kind, kiln-formed glass pendants. The process of making the pendant begins with a glass tile that is layered with glass powder and glass frit. I choose various colors that contain metals that react with each other to give a pebble effect. After the tile comes out of the kiln, I cut it up and mix it up with other tiles I have created. I refire the tiles and the effect of the high temperature on the layers and the reactions create the depth. When the new "puddle" of glass comes out of the kiln, I outline the pendant shape in the glass, cut it with a wet saw and then take it through 5 steps of polishing. Then the pendant goes back into the kiln for a final polish. The whole process takes about 50 hours to complete. Because the colors and reactions vary, each pendant is a one-of-a-kind piece.

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